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Religious habits have no influence on the occurrence of depression but there is a connection between prayer and anxiety occurrence. The data obtained was processed using descriptive statistics. Future research should have prospective focus on all age groups and include more Cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The reason for this is improvement in living conditions and improvement of the quality of health care that prolongs life expectancy. The of this study indicate high incidence of probable and borderline depression and anxiety in the tested sample. The study conducted in in the Republic of Croatia on a sample of respondents attempted to investigate the degree of depression and anxiety.

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There is a greater incidence of anxiety in women than in men, which is consistent with the of this study. To assess the health of the population, it is not enough to observe only indicators of illness and mortality, but special research should also be carried out, among which the importance of self-perception of individual health is increasingly emphasized The aim of the study was to examine the occurrence of depression and anxiety among the elderly in Livno area.

Both sexes are equally depressed. This mental disorder is currently the fourth biggest public health problem, and by it is predicted to be the second one 6. Most respondents are from rural areas villageand ificant percentage of respondents live alone.

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The aim of the randomized clinical study conducted in the Netherlands on a sample of subjects with symptoms of depression and anxiety divided into two groups was to demonstrate the effectiveness of preventive Brijeg compared to the usual care in primary health care. There was a higher incidence of depression in male subjects, and the anxiety among female respondents.

It is anticipated that, bythe of elderly in Europe and North America will double, and in Africa, China and India mature even quadruple 1. The of the available studies indicate ificantly lower rates of occurrence than in the tested sample. There was a adult incidence of depression among male respondents, and anxiety among female respondents. Mental difficulties and disturbances in society often remain unclear, so with the lack of public health research to identify needs and disorders in the health of the elderly, there are no quality programs with the aim of preserving mental health.

The of the analysis are shown Ivan Table 2. Social life, which is probably more relevant in the city, can be a ificant predictor of sex occurrence of depression and anxiety in the elderly. As for marital status, all respondents lived or lived in marriage, only one respondent stated that she was divorced, while all respondents had children. In both age groups, female sex is more represented.

The incidence of depression and anxiety among the elderly in the area of livno, bosnia and herzegovina

As the research instruments used were: Questionnaire on the sociodemographic status that was devised for this study and the HAD scale. Religious habits practice more than half of the respondents. The obtained frequencies are compared with the Chi-square test. It would be interesting to explore what makes men of our area less happy and satisfied than men from other countries?

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The degree of anxiety is similar to widows and those in the marital community. All respondents were orally informed of the research goals and could refuse to participate or voluntarily accept it.

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In the age group, the female sex ratio was There were no ificant differences between the age groups. Mental health care for elderly is one of the indicators of quality or omissions in the health system of a country. Categorical variables are represented by absolute and relative frequencies, and quantitative by measured of dispersion, arithmetic mean and standard deviation.

Many authors point out the problem of non-recognized and asymptomatic disorders 3. The average estimate of depression is The average estimate of anxiety in male sex is 8.

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Correlation of sociodemographic status and incidence of depression and anxiety. Socioeconomic status did not prove to be a ificant predictor of the occurrence of these disorders. This research has established an extremely high incidence of depression and anxiety among the elderly in the Livno area.

It contains 14 questions, of which 7 are related to depression and 7 to anxiety.

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There was a correlation between loneliness and parental status 8. The of the studies conducted in nine European regions showed that the age of respondents is increasing as the incidence of possibly depressive ones, and the incidence of anxiety is decreasing Cappeliez suggests that risk factors for the emergence of depression in the elderly are: female sex, low socioeconomic status, depressive episodes, brachiosis unmarried, widow, divorced Braam et al.

Anxiety is related to the emotion of fear, involves feeling of worries and worry 7.

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Inclusion criteria was: age over 65 years. None of the respondents were excluded from the study, all respondents duly completed survey questionnaires. The lower incidence of depression was found in respondents living in the marital community. Given that more depressive are male subjects, it is concluded that the mental health of male respondents is positively affected by the marriage.

Most of the respondents live from their own income, and only a small is supported by the help of children.

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Depression is most commonly associated with physical changes and illnesses 5. Exclusion criteria: persons with malignancy, persons with psychiatric diagnosis or dementia. Beurs et al. The average grade in male sex in assessing depression is Depression was not recorded in 9. Inclusion criteria: age over 65 years.

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Depression is directly linked to the emotion of sadness, sorrow, and hopelessness. A review of 34 available articles which study the occurrence of depression in the elderly population around the world has found very large differences from 0. In the world, the proportion of the elderly population is increasing on a daily basis. The aim of the study was to examine the incidence of depression and anxiety among the elderly in the Livno area.

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Respondents who have pray on a mature basis have a degree of depression of The phenomenon of depression is ificantly affected by the marital status Brijeg the respondents, but not on the occurrence of anxiety, while the occurrence of anxiety ificantly affects the religious habits of the respondents but does not affect the appearance of depression. There was no sex in the degree of depression among the respondents living in the rural areas where Ivan social status and place of residence are not related to the degree of depression and anxiety.

It turned out that the group included in the specialized preventive program halved the incidence of the disorder, and the same condition was maintained after 24 months follow-up Care for the mental health of the elderly is one of the indicators of the quality or omissions of the health system of a adult.

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It is well-known that economically more developed countries have a healthier population and that socioeconomic status affects the health of an individual. Better would also be obtained by determining the correlation of the investigated disorders with the health status of the respondents.

None of the respondents is excluded from the data analysis. Meta-analysis of 49 studies in a sample of 15, respondents showed no statistically ificant increase in depression and anxiety in subjects with degenerative disorders osteoarthritis compared to non-osteoarthritis subjects The disadvantage of this study was also the ificantly higher proportion of respondents from the rural than the respondents from the urban areas.

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The data distribution was tested by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Similar research conducted in Greece found a ificantly higher incidence of anxiety in women, but also a higher incidence of depression compared to male respondents ificant predictors of the investigated disorders were: older age, female sex, lower social status and reduced functional capacity Our research showed a greater incidence of depression among male respondents.

In this study, foreign retirees, who are pd to have no financial difficulties, show the same degree of depression and anxiety as those with a lower BH retirements.

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Sociodemographic indicators - questions related to gender, age, level of education, place of residence, family status, marital status, children, social status and religious habits. In order to determine the effect of sociodemographic status on the level of depression and anxiety of the elderly, comparative frequencies of sociodemographic status and estimates of depression and anxiety were correlated.

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The survey conducted in the Republic of Croatia Zagreb on a sample of respondents showed that self-assessment of mental health is the most important predictor of life satisfaction. Are the consequences of war events visible only now in full swing? The distribution of responses in assessing depression is normal as well as anxiety. Do our respondents live like this everyday, and whether our entire society may live the same? None of the respondents is a social welfare beneficiary. The of a similar research from Rijeka have also found that life satisfaction in elderly people is assessed as good if they are not alone or are socially active 9.

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