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Chula Vista. Chula Vista decides Christopher Columbus statue has no place in local park. Public Safety. Cross-border effort under way to vaccinate thousands of maquiladora workers. Effort involves governments on both sides of the border, private industry and UCSD.


We should work very hard to change that. A five story building on El Cajon Boulevard is probably too short in good chunks of that area. Um, you know, I come out of local government as do most of my colleagues in the legislature.

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This is a statewide concern and not every city is doing what San Diego has done in terms of regulatory reform and other kinds of changes. Below is the transcript of our Dec. This interview was transcribed using the digital transcription service Temi and checked for accuracy by a staffer. I think that means that I know where our city has been. Um, but the alternative is also true, kinda like, uh, the, uh, Continental here down the street.

A: Well, to be continued, right. To call any errors to our attention or to ask any questions about our interviews, please matthew. Um, the measurement distance, um, from transit. Um, the cost per door on that is ificantly less. In fact, a lot of cities are just thumbing their noses at new housing development.

Sen. toni atkins has a major bill that would allow multiple units on single-family lots

Um, and the market will decide, you know. Uh, under the authorities provided by Assembly Billthe mayor of San Diego has the opportunity to help lead that organization [SANDAG] to build the transportation infrastructure that we need. And so it is a very bold attempt to address that.

What do I mean? A five story building on University Avenue is probably OK. A five story building on Adams Avenue is probably, uh, more than the neighborhood could support.

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And it may be the harder argument, but In Japan, they have dormitory style housing for young professionals. Son of a hotel maid and a gardener. I think we should be looking for value like that. And I would agree with you. I support that and I think that was an appropriate move. My parents, high school educated, worked extremely hard, were able to buy a home in San Diego.

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A lot of my constituents have pointed San that, you know, it may be a quarter mile from a transit stop, but for may be Diego further in terms of the way that you get there. It has not passed the Senate floor. My parents worked hard, were able to buy a home in San Diego, put someone two kids through college, the first in our family to go. The quality of life that we come to to know and love in our communities, um, will stay the same. This should be about putting more money back into the pockets of the tenants and the first time home buyers, um, who should be advantaged by these deviations.

Neither of us are homeowners. But ultimately what we have now is the freedom to propose different options and allowing our elected decision makers to make the best decisions they can. Local cities still have a role, but the maybe can play a guiding role in actually getting the scale of the solutions in place. I was elected to the City Council in That was when we were cutting services.

I mean, how much is too much to give up? Um, we have done everything we were told to do. At the same time, I do have, uh, California concerns about how, uh, it would be implemented. In Japan and in Britain, they have an explosion in prefab homes, which are much safer than they used to be. And then last year we saw incredibly, uh, activists in L. So it just feels like this issue is one looking the other side can so easily drum up opposition to things that Good luck.

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Um, you know, I think that, uh, as the bill as I currently understand it is drafted is for five story buildings near transit stops. Well, we are the eighth largest city in the United States, but we have the fourth largest homeless population. And yet here in California, we seem to just keep returning to this affordable housing, which is lotteries that reward a handful of the lucky and do nothing for the public.

Housing affordability, the No. We have to have a vibrant working and middle-class who can actually afford to live here. But is that door per door amount too much? Um, also, this is informed by some of my past experiences. We have to fix that. We have to continue to build those rungs of subsidized housing for below and very low income people.

At this point, the market can propose what they believe is appropriate for that site and for that market, right?

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And one reason local control is so hard to take down is because local control is so popular with the loudest people in the debate, with the NIMBYs. I mean if there was no tension there, SB 50 would have passed in its original version.

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We can do a little bit of that in San Diego because some of our transit operations is funded through TransNet. I think that does require a role for the state to get involved. The way that we solve this problem is by everyone doing their part. Yeah, it is. Last thing is, uh, a bit of context. Q: A big component of, uh, these transit line developments though for at least for our readers, has been the, uh, allowance that they not provide parking for the units.

Q: How about the dollar amount per unit? Q: Uh, tell me a little bit about SB I mean, where, why, why not support that? My brother and I are college graduates. Uh, much like with SB when it was introduced I had a of concerns about it, worked closely with the author to address those concerns, ultimately voted for the bill and the bill is now law.

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Um, I think, can we scale it up and do more? And so I think that specifying and becoming much more specific about what that definition is is pretty critical. The housing crisis, as I already said, is the biggest problem in San Diego. Um, is as mayor, how would you, you know, out of Sacramento, as mayor, would you see that differently? We should change that. I just shared with you my own personal story, right?

That remains to be seen. Meet the candidates for San Diego mayor. You know, if you are unaware of the litigation the state has someone Huntington Beach because they have been unwilling to, uh, to do their fair share. Um, if it does, it will be referred to the Assembly. I think about every canyon that someone has to walk around. Should we be trying to drive that price down? I always like to point out an expression of kind of the small town thinking in San. If they do that, no one neighborhood is going to be radically changed. A couple of examples.

That story was possible in San Diego a few decades ago. And I recognize the loudest voices on this issue are quite loud. This is the biggest issue in the state. The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board interviewed california candidates in the San Diego mayoral race ahead of the March 3,primary election in which the top two vote-getters will advance to a runoff election in November. And that length of time, 27, Diego permitted at the market and above into the market, uh, 4, homes at the looking low and low income into the market, 33 in the middle section for working and middle class San Diegans.

My brother, his wife and their three children are in maybe close quarters. Yeah, for should. I think we should try all kinds of stuff.

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As the search for a missing South Bay mother continues a month after her disappearance, her loved ones opened up to NBC 7 to share their heartache and pleas for help in their ongoing efforts.


PATH is ending homelessness for individuals, families, and communities.


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