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The Australian Women's Weekly. New Zealand Woman's Weekly. Take your body to the beach. This statement, along with the rallying cry that "every body is a bikini body" has been trending on social media over the last few years, initially in response to a UK advert asking "Are you beach body ready? In June, Nike, who introduced a plus-size clothing line inmade the point that every body is a fitness body by installing a size 16 mannequin in their London store.


The multiple tentacles than started to move, one went to my panties moving it aside revealing my tight pussy. The ends tentacles on my breast had changed they no looked like mouths.

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Waves of pleasure rush through my body. I felt another makes it way down my back to the back of my head. Each tentacle was warm and slimming. I like to keep a record of cock sizes to. I can feel the my mouth produce more saliva. I involuntary gave a gulp. The other cock enters my pussy. I look up to see who my assailant is.

To know more visit the website. The assailant had human form but no defying features, it was completely black, with multiple tentacles five of which hold my wrist ankles and one wrapped around my stomach.

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As it does my body seems to get more sensitive making me even more horny and unbelievable wetter. It is just a huge as the other. I manage to look down to see small bulge appear each time it reaches the top of my pussy. I was lifted up upside down coming face to face with a huge hard cock. I feel the creature saliva and my pussy juices drip down my body.

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The cock slowly slide out of my mouth. The tentacles that are still groping press my breast together. The creature look down at my face it eyes turned a darker blue. I feel the tentacle near my pussy twitching and moving. As my body continue to shiver I can taste something sweet in my mouth.

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Then the thrusting stops and I feel thick sticky liquid fill my holes as the tentacles and cock pulse and twitch inside me. Expect the cock. The tentacle probing my ass goes all the way and start thrusting. Part of the tentacle comes to rest between my breast. In minutes the thrust becomes faster and faster. The tentacle continues push my head I gagged a little as it slide down my throat. I can feel my body going numb with lust. Then it proceeded to move my head back and forth making me give this creature a deep throat. After a couple more licks it tentacle enters my mouth and proceeds to thrust between my breast and down my throat.

All the time will massaging my breast. The creature cock moves closer and the tip touches and twitches against my pussy.

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My pussy pulses and my body shudders with pleasure. These toys come in many different sizes and variations and can help you reach the absolute pinnacle of pleasure and crazy sex noises. The tentacle in my ass start grow bigger. As I wrote post I decide to add a hint to them know I was in a monster and multiple cock mood. I glace behind me the creatures eyes are now red.

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They move towards my pussy and spread it wide. In this super useful and graphically detailed article, you can get acquainted with some of the options you have for busting your holes all the way open. My body arcs as it does sending waves of pleasure thought my body and I give off a couple of moans. As I read one of the RP I was suddenly and without warning grabbed. I stick my tongue and lick it a bit.

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Then with a single thrust it enters my pussy. The tentacle in front of my face start to change and soon look like a cock. As it did I felt shivers of sexually excitement race down my body. I am turned around and hang horizontal. These toys come in many different sizes and variations and can help you reach the absolute pinnacle of pleasure and cra Please log in to like, share and comment! The huge cock reach all the way into my pussy. I gave out a little shudder and a gasps, suddenly the tentacle on the back of my head force my head forward and onto the creature huge cock.

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So I decided to get on bdsmlr and give those wonderful followers a RP request to tell me how they would use my tight wet pussy. I felt a tentacle slide down the back of my panties and start to rub my ass. Two went for my big breast and started to grope them and pitch my nibbles. Unfortunately Broadcasting is broken. The cock in front of my starts to twitch. The eyes of creature are now violet, it tongue licks my cheek.

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The creatures tongue then started to go and out of my soaking wet pussy. Apr 9, Bryan bryanbennion Feb 20, It was just another day woke up horny and wet from all the wet dreams I had of my bdsmlr followers using me.

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Looking back at the creatures eyes they have turned a mix of dark blue and green. The movements of tentacles, tongue and cock start to move fast, only to make me even more horny. I am then turn right side up. Leesa Saint sextoys 3mo. As I do the thrust in all my holes goes faster and harder. But if I could make my perfect penis, it would be about 7. CaptionKing dnativewolf 10mo.

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I also let them know I was wearing only panties and touching myself. Kinlafricashh Fgc 5mo. Which barely fits in my mouth.

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Posts Users s Groups. Like I said, I like dicks of all shapes and sizes big and small. A tentacle moves down to pussy and my mouth.

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They began to alternated between pitching, sucking and licking my nipples and breast. Looking down I see four smaller tentacle grow. Have you had an ejaculating dildo explode inside your walls.

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I see nine more tentacles of different sizes emerge. The tentacle approaches closer to my mouth and stops. Leesa Saint sextoys 2mo. Which were looking at my panties soaked with my juices. The school is lucky to have an in house seamstress like you Mrs Johnson Now then young man Harvey Dent harvey 11mo. It had eyes that glowed a soft blue. The tentacle that was rubbing my ass start to probe it.

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Especially if reciprocated.

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Alex Kingston, the year-old British actress who plays Dr Elizabeth Corday in ER, is being axed from the hospital drama because she is "too old".


We're six weeks in, there's been more than 30 contestants and at least 50, mentions of the word "loyal".


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