Tried both, got the reply that the usb device cannot be recognized. While most device drivers fulfill this requirement there are a couple of misbehaving drivers in the market. The USB Audio 2. Stay away from special USB cable offerings optimized for audio, or cables which include additional functionality such as status LEDs. Any kernel-mode software component, including other device drivers, can monopolize the CPU, which prevents the kernel to perform its periodic processing in time. Possible hardware issues Isochronous transfer mode uses error checking but no retransmission in case of CRC errors.

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I want to download the new DAC driver for my X3II gen, but in the Driver repository there is still the old version it says it had uploaded 8 month ago: Tusbaudio asio you tried the latest FW version?

To meet professional audio requirements, the audio class driver tusbauddio optimized for low latency and low CPU load.

Thesycon – USB Audio Drivers for Windows 10, , 8 and 7

Try using a different cable. Registration fees will be charged.

A typical situation is that a device driver is called by the kernel e. Why do I need a PC manufactured after January ? In this context, “DPC latency” is not to be confused with audio latency which is not fusbaudio related. Usually, an ASIO buffer size that is a power of two is preferred. You May Also Read: Microsoft documentation states that drivers should spend no more than microseconds in any processing call issued by the kernel.


These perform a statistical analysis of kernel-mode processing calls.


Buffer depths can be adjusted by the user to optimize settings for a given computer. Driver Customization Kit add-on: These kind of devices are much more tolerant with respect to USB signal distortion.

For customers tsbaudio have licensed Tusbaudio asio software from Thesycon this service is free of charge. The design is based on the assumption that no driver stalls the CPU and any call into a driver returns quickly.

Only when DSD or kHz playback is required, tusbaudio drivers tusbaudio need to tusbaudio installed.


Microsoft released its tusbaudio at least 15 month ago!! Most other USB device types e. Tusbaudio free file information forum can help you find out how to tusbaudio it. This leads to audio signal distortions clicks. If low audio latency is required e.

Post time Buffer depths can be adjusted by the user to tusbaudio settings for tusbaudio given computer.

However, there are some requirements and assumptions as listed below. Anti-virus or personal firewall software – Normally, this kind of software includes some kernel-mode component to perform filtering or scanning work in the kernel.

Recent Drivers  EPOS TEP 220 DRIVER

Yes, tusbaudio drive is not ready now. Disable or uninstall the software. This could well be due to underflow checks not properly accounting for different packet sizes in async mode.

Pls wait for it patiently. To receive a free demo, prices or license agreement, please fill out the contact form. As it may be difficult for users to find out the chip set model, the system requirements specify the age of the computer instead. However, in this context it is important to note that real-time requirements depend directly on audio latency requirements.

Control panel application with graphical user interface is included Device status and control via private programming interface DLL Source code of the control panel is part of the SDK. Quality of cables or connectors used to connect the external USB port with the main board could be insufficient, or internal cables are placed close to the power supply or other sources of electrical noise.

The driver keeps the CPU busy for several milliseconds by spinning in a loop and polling hardware status, for example.

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