The webcam above the display. We’ve taken the test. There aren’t any hot keys available. The processor is far from reaching critical temperatures with a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius. The Toshiba Satellite CE is pleasantly quiet in idle mode. WLAN transmission is based on the

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Can the CE meet the expectations put on an inexpensive entry level notebook? Toshiba exclusively uses plastic for the case. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker todhiba used.

Adobe RGB t vs. The equally affordable HP CQ62with identical hardware, can even achieve higher points.

If you’d like toshiba satellite c660-2c4 experience more than the absolute minimum of StarCraft 2, you’ll be at a disadvantage with the Satellite CE. A comparable notebook at an equally low price is found in Acer’s array.

This surface structure is also applied inside, so for the wrist-rest and the surface around the toshiba satellite c660-2c4. It bids users an affordable start into the world of mobile computer systems. The notebook still supplied a fairly smooth game play in lowest settings.

In opposition to that, the notebook’s base unit looks good under selective pressure. The satelliet also has to accept moderation in the graphics toshiba satellite c660-2c4.


However, it is a bit narrow with 42 millimeters. Even the keyboard is impressive. In addition, they are much harder to remove than it would be the case on a smooth toshiba satellite c660-2c4.

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The hardware isn’t apt for much more than basic office applications and simple games every now and again. These devices TTHP petc cost much toshiba satellite c660-2c4 than euros, though.

The keyboard has 19 x 19 millimeter sized keys…. When the notebook is idle, the system’s power consumption sinks to 9.

Toshiba Satellite C660-2C4 Memory

There are no other supplies. The processor is far from reaching critical temperatures toshiba satellite c660-2c4 a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius. However, the reflections on the toshibq annoy much sooner. When it’s removed, the RAM and hard disk can be accessed.

Review Toshiba Satellite C Notebook – Reviews

If you generally stay in idle or only execute very undemanding tasks on the notebook, you can be pleased about a battery life of 3 hours toshiba satellite c660-2c4 25 toshiba satellite c660-2c4. The Toshiba Satellite CE is aimed at laptop novices who want to first discover the market and thus would like to buy an affordable all round notebook to start with.


It grants access to…. The Satellite CE doesn’t score especially well in our pressure tests. The TravelMate Z notebook however has a somewhat toshiba satellite c660-2c4 processor. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Nevertheless, the notebook could stand out in a few concerns. The frame rate nosedives to 5 frames per second already in medium settings.

Because the temperatures aren’t particularly high under load, you don’t have to worry about the idle temperatures. While most notebooks suffer under the lack of basses, the Satellite CE also has to put up with toshiba satellite c660-2c4 quite muffled sound.

Satellite C (PSC0QAC) Support | Toshiba

Pressures on the wrist-rest hardly lead to any yielding, not even over the drive. You can clearly hear how the fan starts to rotate faster under load. The resolution of x pixels complies with display standards of toshiba satellite c660-2c4 size. In return, the clattery mouse keys were disagreeable.

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