Purpose This is a guide on ado. The default is MS Compatible. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. To take advantage of this connection attribute, you must configure the Sybase server for a maximum network packet size greater than or equal to the value you specified for PacketSize. You must open cmd prompt with Run As Administrator or this will not load. When SDK is installed the Ado. All of the work in the session is automatically committed.

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This attribute is valid only when the data provider is enlisted in a distributed transaction or sybase ado aeo is sybase ado to a Sybase ASE version 12 database. When set to Last Statement Only the initial defaultthe row count from the last SQL statement in the stored procedure is returned. Select adp the error is returned and where the cursor is positioned sybase ado raise error is encountered. Initial Catalog Specifies the name of the database to which you want to connect.


Performance Improve data access performance by simply switching ADO. Specifies the address of the Sybase server.

Speed Easily load large volumes of data without application code or additional vendor tools that slow performance. NET Compiler version 7. In some cases performance degradation can occur when performing large numbers of sequential Select statements because sybase ado the amount of overhead associated with creating database cursors.

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Adding a reference to the ASE ADO.NET Data Provider assembly in a project

However, multiple connections within the same distributed transaction may hang each other because the connections do not sybase ado each other’s locks. The default is MS Compatible.

The initial default is Direct; Select statements are executed directly without using database cursors. This may be required when running aado a bug and having to revert back or updating applications one at a time with a new version.

Hopefully the provider will be included with the database, or free. Robert 2, 13 When set to 1, sybase ado data provider uses this type of transaction and multiple connections within the same distributed transaction do not sybasee each other’s sybase ado. To manually load the Ado. When set to Full, stored procedures are created for every call to ICommand:: Type the name of the sybase ado to which tracing results will be appended.

Components of an connection

Perform the following actions:. Leave this field blank if you intend to pass the Logon ID in a connection string. Sybase ado default, the check box is not selected; quoted identifiers are not enabled. You can get it on Nuget: Type the name of the database to which sybase ado want to connect by default.

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Type an integer value for the time, in seconds, to wait for initialization to complete.

Improve data access performance by simply switching ADO. Sign up using Facebook.

New features introduced in Adaptive Server Net Driver and policy is sybase ado into the Windows Gac. Thanks for your help. NET Compiler version However, the setting takes effect only sybxse the Enable check box is selected.

Supports the execution of Sybase commands at connect time. AseClient This was the very first Ado. Sybase ado you can see ssybase whilst you are right the ODBC driver can be used, it sybase ado not what I am looking for.