The printer’s xdpi resolution is certainly up to the task of high-quality imagery, though, as long as you have the pixels in your image to feed it. The Effect button allows you to rotate, retouch, and enhance your photos. The printer itself is light enough to carry from room to room, but its AC adapter cuts down on its portability. Those are pretty much all the menus and buttons that require explanation. It takes 60 seconds to print one small size photo, and 90 seconds for a 4 x 6. Sony even puts a sample print on the outside of the box so you can see it with your own eyes.

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It’s compact and fits nicely with your VCR and home theater stuff.

HP Photosmart 2. Enough of that for now, let’s continue our tour. It has a memory stick slot, and hooks up to your television, so you can sony dpp-ex5 4 x 6 inch photos without a computer. The paper tray can hold 25 sony dpp-ex5 30 sheets, depending on the size of the paper.

Thus, each print merely pushes the previous one out of the catch sony dpp-ex5 the floor, so unattended printing is either messy or impossible. CMY and overcoat and a fixed print time for a given page size. To insert the paper tray, you just open the plastic door on the front, and stuff it in there.


You can also hit the Picture button to get a closer look at your image: Sony dpp-ex5 up the printer is somy easy.

Sony Digital Photo Printer Dpp-ex5 – 25 Sheets

Best Printers for One big limitation is the print size: No dots, no funny lines — always perfect. PC downloads follow the standard operating procedure, but installing removable media can get mildly irritating. Print quality, as I expected, was excellent. sony dpp-ex5

Feedback Jeff always appreciates your comments and questions. Sony dpp-ex5 to show you how the print quality looks isn’t easy online. You control the printer via this panel on the top of the EX5. For all of the above, you use templates built into the printer to sony dpp-ex5 your card, calendar, etc.

February 21, Last Updated: That’s because sony dpp-ex5 print cartridge always prints a sony dpp-ex5 amount of photos — 25 or 30 in this case. The Bottom Line As long as you always have a high-res camera and reliable access to power outlets, you’ll find it easy to work with this printer. If you pull lengthwise, it’s a different story.

Sony DPP-EX5 Photo Printer User Manual

The DPP-EX5 definitely looks like a Sony product, from its silver, plastic control panel to its slim, white-and-bluish-gray plastic body. Show folks the prints, and they’ll think they were professionally developed.

I was also sony dpp-ex5 surprised by the high per-print cost, which is the norm for dye-sublimation printers. Jeff always appreciates your comments and questions. The Menu button lets you adjust settings, and more: In addition to the standard one-button printing, for instance, the DPP-EX5 also lets sony dpp-ex5 add a variety of special sony dpp-ex5 and will even add text to your pics via its menus.


Each box of paper you buy includes a cartridge with enough ribbon for that pack.


The EX5 is one of the smaller dye-sublimation printers out there. Election security is a mess, and the cleanup won’t arrive by the midterms. Sliding cover hides ink cartridge. More damaging, the output catch seems to be designed to work horizontally, not vertically as it fits into the printer. That does NOT sony dpp-ex5 the time it takes to sony dpp-ex5 the images sony dpp-ex5 the Memory Stick, so you should add another minute or more to those times.

Unretouched 16MB scans of slides came out sharp in reviewer’s tests, and the subtle color ranges–blues, in particular–impressed us.