Error trying to insert a new controller path. Unpack the source code using the tar command:. The collected support data is saved in the file:. Not Ready wait time exceeded. Refer to your path failover driver documentation for more details. Follow, to receive updates on this topic.

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The initrd image is automatically created when the driver is installed by using the make install command. The Above config info is needed if you want to make mkinitrd manually.

Uninstall any existing RDAC drivers using the make uninstall rdwc. Received the Illegal Command error from the storage array. Some parameters might not have a meaning in a particular operating system environment. Unfortunately after this, I could’t detach the storage, too and my MDi displays path failovers again and again An entry is made in the OS system log that shows that the failover driver has detected a path failure.

The HBAs connected to a single storage array are the same model. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting.

Error trying to determine maximum number of volumes supported by storage array. The time, in seconds, a Busy condition is allowed for a failover is performed. Share this post Link to post. The initrd image is located in the boot partition.


Caution – You might lose access to the storage array if you pmp these settings from their configured values. The base HBA driver is installed and built. The MD32xxi is one such device that can be used with either. With the failover driver, two cases determine if a path has failed:.

Migrating the MPP/RDAC driver to the Linux DM-MP driver

Unrecognizable sense key received. The SaveSettings keyword changes both the in-memory state and the persistent state. Type the following command, and press Enter. Select the package for the Linux OS platform.

Prints the version of the RDAC driver currently running on the system. Has anyone solved the problem by removing linuxrdac like Tobias rac Many of these values are overridden by the failover installer for Linux.

Sun StorageTek RDAC Multipath Failover Driver for Linux OS

These options can be combined with the logical or operator to provide multiple areas and levels of reporting as needed. To make sure that the RDAC driver has found the available storage arrays and created virtual storage arrays rdca them, type the following commands, and press Enter after each command.


Verify the disk devices are mapped from the array to the host, as follows:. This list all arrays If you have more than one and ‘mppUtil -g n’ where n is your array number, to mop more data on all actual paths. After you apply the kernel update and start the new kernel, perform these steps to build the RDAC Initial Ram Disk image initrd image for the new kernel:. Busy wait time exceeded.

For a driver update, if the system already has a previous entry for RDAC, the system administrator must modify the existing RDAC entry in the boot loader configuration file.

Error trying to determine state of volume. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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