You had to push it in as far as possible from the top, then reach in from the sides with your fingers to tug it all the way down to it’s final position. Resolution of the Dimage Scan Dual was excellent, but hard to “call” based on our standard test targets. If you wish to do batch scanning, use the utility. In the screen shot below, we’ve specified that we want to work in pixels, rather than inches or other linear measurements, so the Output resolution and Input Size windows are disabled. Thus, the first thing most people notice about images scanned from negatives and slides is the extraordinary level of detail captured. APS film can have up to 40 frames on the roll. Recently though, they’ve been making significant waves in the digital camera and scanner markets, with their highly capable and expandable!

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The histogram screen includes “before” and “after” previews, and a number of controls for adjusting the image. Maybe that was a big deal back when it was made but nowadays nearly every photo-editing program comes with better software.

We assume this is necessary to count the number of frames in the roll minolta scan dual something.

Take a look at the test images from the Dimage Scan Dual, download them, print them out, and see if this scanner meets your needs! The three white point settings are superimposed with the original dark minolta scan dual the light lines, shows well on a color screen.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV Scanner

Variations Adjustments It’s often difficult for novices minolta scan dual decide what to do to an image to make it look better. While a seemingly minor point, the eyedroppers svan quickly make gross adjustments in the overall tone and color balance, and provide a good jumping-off point for your own finer adjustments.

While I haven’t had the time to fully test this scanner; I owned the Minolta Dual II scanner and found it to be a imnolta quality product. We found that the Dimage Scan Dual produced good scans with the default settings, and that the software controls available made for easy modification of minolta scan dual images.


The slide minolta scan dual is also constructed of plastic, with four slots along the top edge into which the slides may be loaded. This is the perfect scanner for negatives and slides. This is a difficult equation to optimize, as the needs of “beginners” and “experts” can vary so widely. A good analogy for those old darkroom aficionados out there would be the difference between condenser and diffusion enlargers: This scanner caught my eye while surfing scann photography web sites.

Accordingly, we’ll devote a sizable of this review to talking about the software that drives Minolta’s Dimage family of scanners, and the Dimage Scan Dual in particular. Pick minolta scan dual spot on the film or slide you want dead-on, move a slider back and forth until a black bar is the longest, and you now have that point in fine focus. Worked like a charm!

Flame off for now, but repeated kudos to Minolta for minolta scan dual the cost hit and including Photoshop LE with the scanner. Part of the beauty of the Dimage Scan’s histogram screen is the way it shows histograms for all three color channels separately, minolta scan dual also allows you to operate on all the channels at the same time, if you wish.

Or, Return to the Imaging Resource home page. What object in the scn do you suppose this large group of pixel values corresponds fual

We’ve seen some resellers offering packages with a SCSI card “bundled” with minolta scan dual unit, but more often have seen just the scanner itself being offered. Overall minolta scan dual accuracy was excellent, with color saturation just a notch away from the very best we’ve seen to date January, On the Mac, the default settings tended to produce wcan scans that were slightly dark with our screen gamma set to the “standard” value of 1.


Comparison between DiMAGE Scanners

You would only output 16 bits for subsequent tonal processing in programs that can accept it, like Photoshop, and when that is complete, you would convert to 8 bit mode for storage and use. But Minolta’s software is very capable, it’s minolta scan dual that the pre-scan image is a bit jinolta, so I make my adjustments on the final scan.

The film adapter is hinged, but only to the extent that a plate flips up to expose the recess into which minolta scan dual film is sxan. Show less Show more. All of the reviews gave glowing remarks on its ease of use, software, and picture quality. Particularly when compared to the digital cameras that constitute the other major review focus of this site, readers are bound to be impressed with the incredible minoolta of detail a scanner like the Minolta scan dual Scan Dual can extract from a slide or negative.

I am happy with this Minolta slide scanner.

How I Installed the 2003 Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV 35mm Film Scanner in Windows 10

Here are the Prescan Window controls, reading from left to right and top to bottom, for all the buttons along the bottom edge ,inolta the screen:. This is older generation of the DiMage scan Dual scanner.

The Image Correction Tab has the image contrast and color tools. APS film can have up to 40 frames on the roll. We’re passing the information along here to hopefully save our readers a minolta scan dual minutes of puzzlement when they encounter the behavior for the first time. On minolta scan dual Windows machine, you’ll need to have an interface dal installed.

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