Stability was achieved at cas2 with my current Crucial memory. After a triple check to see if we were all together properly I fired her up ready to dive into the bios for a snoop around. Here you can select and below or and above. I now had a very responsive and quick system at my fingertips and a grin broke out on my ugly mug J. Well at least by looking at it. Of course, to just about everyone’s surprise, the KTA became quite the sleeper! What was the best tech product of ?

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Iwill KK Motherboard Review –

DDR being such a catch phrase, most people including yours truly forgot that in reality, it only allows twice the bandwidth of conventional SDR memory but isn’t really ‘faster.

I cannot believe the power and speed of msinboard machine since fitting this motherboard, even to the point it feels as flexible and responsive as a SMP machine. What and amazing board! Now for the important question, How well did it perform? Of course, to just about everyone’s surprise, the KTA became quite the sleeper!

Iwill P4SE – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE

A quick power off and a short of the cmos later ad we were in the Bios. Hyper-Threading is a technology which kainboard remained dormant in the Pentium 4 processor for a while now, and only with Pentium 4-HT 3.


So another format and install later with the onboard sound enabled it was looking good.

One thing we were taught as kids were to never judge a book by it’s cover, but I must say, Iwill has done a superb job on their packaging. No matter what I set the board to it kept locking up under even the lightest of loads.

Unfortunately at this point my hair started falling out at an incredible rate. I now had a very responsive and quick system at my fingertips and a grin broke out on my ugly mug J.

Intel 845 Chipset Review & Motherboard Roundup: September 2001

Nothing, nothing at all. The KK motherboard mainboqrd Iwill continues a long standing tradition of providing overclocking friendly solutions. Fitting was a breeze what more can I say.

After referring to the excellent manual I configured the few jumpers on the board ready to power her up after connecting all the peripherals. There are many good articles on the web right now which breath insight into what applications benefit from Hyper Threading, and which programs actually take a performance hit.

Windows install went just fine, no glitches at all.

Iwill KK Motherboard Review. W here Iwill does iwilk itself, and where in our opinion it does so beautifully, is by gaining the respect of the hardware community for its’ almost legendary ability to hit high Front Side Bus FSB speeds! Makes me question the values of upgrading to DDR if you currently have some good quality memory.

Recent Drivers  KYOCERA C5350DN DRIVER

Iwill P4S – Intel Chipset Review & Motherboard Roundup: September

This is by far the fastest and most solid board around at the moment and here is the proof of the speed. The first thing noted on the layout of the board was the well iiwll out placing of the ATX connecter at iqill extreme top edge of the board well out of the way.

Ships with the following: Privacy policy and Terms of Use. All in all a very user friendly Bios.

Using the board in this mode I could only achieve mhz. I ran these tests several times and there were no noticeable differences and this performance is above the expected level for a 1g Tbird no doubt due to the motherboard. In celebration of the overwhelming use of the colour red on this motherboard, we here at PCStats.

Here you can select and below or and above.

The board uses and Award bios so it was kinda mainblard in there and I felt quite at ease configuring everything ready for Windows. When I found out I would be reviewing this board my first thoughts were Iwill?

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