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Bluesoleil is able to fulfill demands of integrating a diverse array of Bluetooth enabled digital devices, such as mobile phones, headsets, printers, keyboards and so on.

BlueSoleil – Bluetooth Software,Bluetooth Driver,Bluetooth Dongle

It exposes powerful yet easy-to-use command interfaces to manage Bluetooth operations. How to choose and buy a high quality bluetooth dongle. BlueSoleil has been distributed over 30 million copies.

Tracey Brown July 7, Bluetooth. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This was the ivt corporation bluesoleil bluetooth driver for this hardware as it is very old and was never updated again.


BlueSoleil 10 trial period is 30 days,so you can use it for 30 days without paying for the serial number. How to activate BlueSoleil 10 with the serial cirporation

Operating system not what you have? How to manually activate BlueSoleil 10 with Serial Number? Meanwhile, you are able to connect with other ivt corporation bluesoleil bluetooth via BlueSoleil bluetopth Retrieved from ” https: BlueSoleil 10 is one of the most popular professional Windows-based Bluetooth applications, developed by IVT with great innovation and independence.

Billionton BlueSoleil Bluetooth 4.


IVT has also established ivt corporation bluesoleil bluetooth interoperability testing centre where it has built up a large library of Bluetooth products which are on the market in order to perform interoperability testing. BlueSoleil 10 has improved functions and optimized performance.

Bluesoleil 10 BlueSoleil This product is used for supplement ,buy gluetooth you need. BlueSoleil Hive- Bluetooth stereo headphone. For the usage, please see user guide.

You can view and manage your contacts in your mobile phone from computer and backup your contacts wirelessly via BlueSoleil Bluetooth headset Dongles Bluetooth speaker BlueSoleil BlueSoleil 10 presents a new wireless Bluetooth experience.


BlueSoleil Hive- Bluetooth stereo headphone. You can also establish networks bluesolleil exchange data with other Bluetooth enabled ivt corporation bluesoleil bluetooth.

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BlueSoleil Bluetooth Driver | USB Driver

Devices this driver supports: Make sure the version is the correct one and downloaded from us official website. I am using a Bluetooth dongle at the rear of my computer so you will need to have this plugged into ivt corporation bluesoleil bluetooth computer already. Click here to improve your personal data, and you will gain 20 accumulated points.

You can transfer files, photos, music, videos and any other data wirelessly. BlueSoleil Bluetooth Driver Local.

Bluetooth headset Dongles Bluetooth speaker BlueSoleil

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