Mushfiq, what WiFi device does your Dell Vostro laptop have? I’ve tried the various wireless drivers for my chipset, and all except ndiswrapper have this problem. I downloaded the following driver: Forget Connectify I just setup this on my win7 lap top. The fact that “intel” is the term for intelligence information also made the name appropriate. This is also what I see.

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I would suggest that anyone coming across this bug follow as wiswaud suggested in the above post and install the wireless backport package. See full activity log. Iain Buclaw ibuclaw wrote on Get the perfect match for your driver More than 5 million happy users.

It worked with 9. To set up and use Virtual WiFi in Windows 7, without paying a buckjust follow these three simple steps:.

The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested opera tion. Peter Birch peter-j-birch wrote on If you are receiving that kind of message.

Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG / 2915ABG / 2200BG Network Connection Driver 15.3.1 for Win XP

Then again, i didn’t get that behavior at all on another Dlink-something AP i. I have 3954bg same problem with karmic, after update from 9. I was having ‘Mac in deep sleep!


I get the same issue wireleds both jaunty and karmic up-to-date my laptop: I can confirm this on an updated install as of an hour ago.

I installed the latest iwlwifi drivers from http: I think it sort of worked with NM sometime prior to 9. After trying 2, it appears to work for a bit, but soon reverted to being unable to connect after restarting or resuming.

I also tried the upstream linux modules with the same effect. Personally I find it ludicrous that someone would charge for what is essential a wrapper to some functionality already baked into Windows.

I think you have a different bug, if you can’t even connect.

Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

To share your computer internet connection to the virtual WIFI. You will need to ensure your WiFi device and its driver supports this? A pop-up windows will appear which is the Update Driver screen. So for example, my computer is connected thru cable or Local Area Connection. I disable internal modem of my T60 in bios, now it seems stable, no reconnection anymore. Dialogic Diva Server 2FX.


Intel® PRO/Wireless ABG Network Connection |Intel Communities

To make a long story short, I installed wicd and life was good. I tried it and It shows that the driver software for my wlan device is up to date and there is no Microsoft Virtual WiFi Mainport Adapter.

I couldn’t run the exact command you asked, but I’ve adapted it the best I could. Everyone else reading this, i upgraded my other laptop eireless 2.

And click on Properties. Things I have tried so far: Turn Windows 7 into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Bigbio 3, 1 17 If it should work as is, should the network show if i simply browse for it from another device? Also before I did the 9. I tried it, everything looks fine… even my phone connect with the connection, but it still unable to browse the internet.

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