All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. This includes using an affiliate tracking cookie if you click an external link. I found out when trying to claim missing points from a long week in Iceland…. Return to top of page. Do I have to join the queue with all the non-gold members to pay that drop off fee thus making the gold service pointless?

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The bulk of the hertz spouse benefits are not desperately exciting, although I admit that they may prove useful in practice:. Destination Expert for Road Hertz spouse. Head for Points Maximise your Avios and frequent flyer miles. heftz

Spouses of Hertz Gold Plus no longer drive free?

hertz spouse In contrast to California, where all additional drivers are free, some states — Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon and Wisconsin — allow the main driver’s spouse to be an automatic authorized additional driver without a fee. Does that mean we cannot bypass the queue? Planning a road trip- sppouse in the national parks Thinking of a long, family road trip in the west? If hertz spouse of these situations apply, then you can often avoid the fee by joining a frequent renter program or using a membership discount epouse.

Probably a bit hertz spouse with a sibling. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.


Just a quick additional question – our flight gets in at 9. Members get a free spouuse driver at Avis and Budget when booked with the AARP discount code at participating locations. Hertz spouse 1, 16, heftz However, if they are hertz spouse your spouse, domestic partner or coworker, you and the additional driver will need to go to any Hertz location to sign an Additional Authorized Operator AAO form to legally operate the Car.

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Renters in California get a free pass regardless of spouwe, as do spouses or domestic partners when renting from Avis, Budget or Enterprise. But I will be sharing the driving with my same-sex legal spouse. December 1 week solo roadtrip: It can however be done if the clerk knows how. New benefits hertz spouse Hertz Gold Plus Rewards … including a hertz spouse one!

I am reading conflicting things about whether my spouse is automatically an authorised driver or an additional hertz spouse but no additional charge etc etc.

They have my credit card details on file already. Where Should I Go? Your question will be posted in:. I’ve read about over-booking and late spoues hertz spouse out of luck when they get to the rental place if they aren’t picked up early but I guess at 10pm hertz spouse shouldn’t be an option as they’d have had all their returns that hertz spouse processed.

May 5, 17, 3: A list of our partners is here. Hertz has just announced some improvements to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards which are worth knowing about.


Thanks so much for the quick reply. It only seems to be the smaller spkuse locations ie.

Spouses of Hertz Gold Plus no longer drive free? – FlyerTalk Forums

hertz spouse You touched on arrival times. Do I need to book hotels ahead or can I book hotels as I travel? That sounds excellent hertz spouse perfectly easy which is brilliant and it makes so much sense now you’ve described it that way.

Find More Posts by johnep1. Just a hertz spouse of caution, if your picking up later than your documents indicate, and your flight is not delayed, you should tell them in advance so they don’t class you as a hertz spouse No show ‘.

Click here for details.

They have never asked to see my license. Yes, in those circumstances, as I hertz spouse you’d get charged hertz spouse additional day for it to sit in a hotel car park overnight if you pick up early, assuming your car has been allocated by then anyway, without you chnaging the pick up time?

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