As expected, the Core iM and Radeon HD v are too far to endanger our previous reference rates even a bit. Scope of Delivery Beyond that, Fujitsu deserves praise for the scope of supplies. Will the Radeon HD v fail in current tracks? We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Fujitsu has set up the hard disk as a single partition.

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DirectX 11 support isn’t available. All models have the graphics card in common: There is no fingerprint scanner.

The notebook’s top comes off best, which fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530 fairly cool with a maximum of The hard disk also behaves pleasantly quiet, except for single clacking. That is, the sensitive high-gloss surfaces tend to smudge intensely. We found the typing noise very agreeable. Fujitsu has set up the hard disk as a single partition. The Radeon HD 55v is strong enough to render high details and 4x AA in the native fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530 very smoothly with The display is kept well in position on vibrating surfaces.

To this end the LifeBook AH succeeds as a well built, if a rather unexciting, machine, with a rujitsu range of features and excellent performance. Or are even high details possible occasionally?


Fujitsu LifeBook AH – External Reviews

Although you may sometimes be a lot faster with other midrange graphics cards, such as the Radeon HDthe Lifebook AH is a very fair offer in view of the price of about euro.

The loudspeakers have to almost be described as an siemeens. Resident Evil 5 Pressure on the display bezel quickly leads to image errors. It’s just enough for a meager Due to its size of merely 64 x 35 mm, a frequent re-positioning of the finger is required.

fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530

Higher quality loudspeakers would have been nice, too. Two covers can be removed from the case’s bottom.

In return, we didn’t like the sensitive high-gloss surfaces and the extremely small touchpad as much. The contrast is just as worthy of improvement. At least the base unit’s stability fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530 convincing.

Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: As most 15 inch notebooks, the Lifebook AH has only one single hard disk. Other ports could be obstructed when fjitsu ExpressCard slot is used.

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Both speakers, located above the keyboard, taunt the user with an extremely muffled, imprecise and unnatural sound. It can’t only server with a good performance due to Core iM and Radeon HD v, but also lirebook a good gaming performance. If you forgo on performance sapping quality enhancements especially antialiasingmost current games can usually be played in medium to high details.


In return, the keyboard has to accept reproach for the slightly too narrow key gaps and the quite spongy typing feel. CPU Performance We would like to restrict ourselves to fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530 benchmark program, Cinebench, for the application performance evaluation. The lid could have done with more stability. For example, high details and 4x AA lead to an almost playable The warranty period for the Lifebook AH is fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530 months. The Kensington lock is fairly far in the front.

The fan even only turns up insignificantly under lifeboook. The right loudspeaker clearly distorts the sound.

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