You must type the password exactly the same way both times. This replaces all the user fonts on the Fiery X3eTY. Downloading printer fonts to the Fiery X3eTY In general, each time you print from within a Mac OS application, the application automatically downloads any fonts used in your document that are not already installed on the Fiery X3eTY, as long as the printer fonts are installed in your System Folder. They are displayed briefly in the status bars where they cannot be selected and are included in the Job Log. The File name field Windows displays the name of the selected file before you click Add.

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The Reorder Jobs feature allows you to control the processing or printing priority by reordering the job queue. Relative Colorimetric provides a close match to the CMYK device being simulated, regardless of the media used.

To confirm the settings, print a Configuration page. Jobs that 50c-om printed to the Print queue are spooled to the Fiery X3eTY hard disk drive and printed on a first-in, first-out basis.

Mailboxes For the Fiery X3eTY, mailboxes are named alphanumerically, which differs from the description in Fiery Remote Scan Help, which says they fjery assigned a four-digit number. Computers that use other protocols can print through a server that uses one of the protocols mentioned.


If you select Best, although image quality improves, processing time may be longer, and the size of the processed job may be larger.

The information in this guide is subject to change without notice. Up to 16 IP addresses can be specified. Because many of these security features are interconnected, review the information in this chapter to plan for an effective security system, and then perform Setup accordingly. Use this button to cancel a process, and to move from the runtime screens to the Functions screen and the Idle screen.

You can view and configure the following network settings in Network Setup: Click OK to proceed. x3etj

Fiery X3eTY 50C-KM PS v2.01 eu Drivers Download

This may slow down other network jobs. When the pages are ready to be added, a blue fieryy appears in the new position. For more information, see Manipulating job options and job flow on page This manual describes various functions More information.

Be sure to provide this information to all users before proceeding with. You must enable Web Services. Specify whether to enable the Printed queue, a storage location on the Fiery X3eTY hard disk for recently printed jobs.


When a client on a remote computer decides to print, the job is directed to a Print queue on the NetWare file server and spooled to the NetWare server disk, freeing up the client workstation.


The Login Server window appears. If set to PS, incoming jobs are initially sent to the PS interpreter.

Hold jobs in the spooled area or the RIPped area. For complete system requirements, see Welcome. Because file types such as.

Fiery X3ety 50c-km Ps V driver – DriverDouble

Each user must have a Java-enabled Web browser and a valid IP address. You can print the following pages from the submenu that appears: Select Yes to print the portion of the job that was processed before 50c-mk error occurred; select No to cancel the print job entirely when a PostScript error is encountered. Select to use a WINS name server. Setting Up the Machine. You can also display full-screen previews by double-clicking the page in Thumbnail A.

Setup provides these groups of options: Information entry options Specify the information for your site the printer name or IP address, for example. Hold, process, and print jobs.

Restart Server Resets the server software but does not reboot the entire system. All published connections are constantly checked for the presence of jobs.

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