That ship had sailed some time ago. Years can’t tell -unfortunately not actively involved in the forum community-expressed his interest to migrate to SDJ provided that it will support Denon’s 19″ controller. External Mixer Sound card s: One thing is for sure, the need is there. Just figured you had missed his response as he was “speed responding” in that post LOL.

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Denon DJ DN-HC – USB MIDI Controller/Audio DN-HC B&H

Not a bash in any way just the same insight as to why this probably won’t happen. The controller already exists, the awesome DN-HC, it just needs to be mapped as it was with Serato Scratch Please Serato, there are tons of mobile DJ’s who prefer rackmount controllers, rackmount mixers, instead of the tabletop stuff.

It’s all about numbers and hopefully you could rally up way more support than was seen here. As the club eventually got table top CDJs, I converted too, and got cdj’s. I mean Things are not getting deonn newer andare only getting older as every day passes. IT IS rack mountable. Hopefully soon for the or an easier transition to the HC!

I dont agree at all what Serato has turned into.

Sound Setup PC Inputs: Press the parameter knob to save. Lastly the midi output lighting is pretty huge too.


Denon Dn-hc4500 USB Midi DNHC4500 4500 Controller

My honest guess in an actual survey of mobile DJ’s using 19″ to table top controller would probably be in the areas of I can’t promise anything of course! Why not attempt the petition I speak of several times. And I’m sure there are tins other people wanting support for their ‘s that are not serato forum members. To me that is not loyalty. How many mic inputs does the AMX mixer have?

On the contrary if you create this open letter and get a few hundred unique participants I guarantee you will get the attention you seek. Alternatively, assuming that you have the latest firmware installed, you can work around this problem by changing the frequency of MIDI commands that the jogwheel sends Jog Trans. You clearly need to generate more support. The latest gear doesn’t make you a better Dj!! Hopefully they can please everyone and again i wish you luck.

I feel I have lost some control and some of the sound is gone but deenon tradeoff is the weight 5400 much more portability with setup time for just sound being in the area of 7 mins. This is just a personal experience and NOT gospel.

Perfect world everyone gets what they want but obviously for a business to succeed they must only get involved with endeavors that will turn a profit. I think to myself Is this a different spec document than the one you had for the SSL mapping?


I argue with them all the time as they say they are loyal Serato customers and I say they are long time Serato users. As a matter of fact THIS is one of our selling points.

Of course this is not guarantee that the will be supported BUT one can only hope. Also, I would prefer to describe it as an agreement rather than “approval”. Denon – We need support.

DJAY PRO works with MIDI controller DENON DN HC?

To me 19″ became nothing more than a number. I could be wrong but I believe the only native gear that CAN be edited or customized are the Rane mixers. The amount of people who wanted the keylock fixed was staggering and yet still nothing was venon. So set it up Serato.

A number that doesn’t stand a chance against current gear.