To load most types of paper: Page 31 To check that the printer was successfully shared. If the error message does not display, repeat steps 1—3 and then go to step Reinstall the color cartridge and remove the black ink cartridge. Your express service code and tag number is located inside the printer, as shown. To check that the printer was successfully shared. Finding Information This document contains complete setup information.

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The All Programs window closes. If you are a commercial customer of Dell or a Dell affiliate, you hereby grant Dell, or an agent selected by Dell, the right vell perform an audit of your use of the Software during normal business hours, you agree to cooperate with Dell in such audit, and you agree to provide Dell with all records reasonably related to your use of the Software.

san To check printer status: Copy Quality Select a copy quality: Scanning photos Editing scanned images Using special scan features Page 33 Open the top cover. While Dell offers a wide selection of software edll peripheral products, we do not specifically test or guarantee that all of the products we offer work with any or all of the various models of Dell computers, nor do we test or guarantee all of the products we sell on the hundreds of different brands of computers available today.


Dell A940 Owner’s Manual

Dell Software License Agreement Software. Understanding the del, panel The operator panel buttons help you scan, copy, fax, and customize documents. Lift the printer scanner unit and push the scanner support back while lowering the printer scanner unit until it is closed. There are two ways to open the Dell Photo Editor: Black Make a black and white copy using the current copy settings.

If you are an end-user customer who bought Dell Software and Peripherals products directly from a Dell company, you may return Dell Software and Peripherals products that are in as-new scah to Dell up to 30 days from the date on the packing slip or invoice for a refund of the product purchase price if already paid.

Click Cancel, click the Start button, and then click My Computer. Page 89 What do I do if I need warranty service? The option currently selected has an The Photo Options menu helps you to customize photos.

Using the operator panel Open the top cover. Adjust the dotted lines to fit around the portion of the image you want to print.

Page 39 Normal Quality. Place the document you want to fax face down under the lid of the printer.

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Place the item svan want to print face down on the scanner glass. Do NOT touch the gold contact area on the cartridges. Copying Place your photo on the scanner glass. From the Creative Tasks section, click Print an image as a multi-page poster. Aligning the ink cartridges There are two instances when you will align your ink cartridges: Editing scanned images With most scqn programs, you can customize your image.


To create an archive copy of each fax, click to select Store a copy in a folder and use the Browse button to select the desired archive location. For example, in Windowsa hand is shown underneath the printer icon. Understanding The Operator Panel Understanding the operator panel The operator panel buttons help you scan, copy, fax, and customize documents. For sacn, see page iv.


Paper Misfeeds Or Multiple Sheets Feed Check your printer status to make sure your document is not being held or paused. Editing Scanned Images Editing scanned images With most graphics programs, you can customize your image.

Page 37 The printer begins copying using the selected copy settings. Page 59 If you are scanning or copying from a printed source, and your copy has a checkerboard pattern on it, follow these directions: Click See More Scan Settings.

Place your document or item on the scanner glass. M a i nt e n a nc e Characters are not printing completely.

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