A USB or a parallel connection is a direct connection and is not used for networking. Its small footprint and single front door access for easy installation makes it a suitable option for workgroups that need a practical high-performance printer. Transparencies can only be printed from Tray 1 MPT. Fast, vibrant output and great productivity features make the compact new DocuPrint CFS the best choice for small- to medium-size offices and workgroups that demand top performance at an affordable price. Change the selected setting, and then press the OK button.

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Specifies the maximum execution time for a PostScript job to complete. Managing the Printer Managing the Printer This section includes: Confirm that the first drop-down c3290ffs is set to Bonjour Rendezvous. Page Index choosing a network connection, control panel menus cleaning changing settings, printer, description of, printer exterior, information pages, printer interior, parallel settings, clearance system settings, location of the printer, tray settings, clearing copy faxes, Loading Paper Place the print media into the tray with c3290fd print side face-up.

Confirm that there are no scraps of paper left inside the transfer belt unit. Scan Defaults Selectand then press the OK button. Paper Jams Open the cover of the fuser and remove the jammed paper.

Printing on Specialty Media Insert the paper into the tray. Page Paper Jams Carefully pull out any jammed paper remaining inside the printer.


This equipment has been designed to restrict operator access to safe areas only. Though some of the print cartridges reach the end of their lives, c320fs can Non-Xerox Toner continue printing.

Additional information that merits c3290ts. The following illustration indicates the maximum fill line for transparencies, labels, and glossy paper. Load the originals to be copied and follow the steps below to make copies. Xerox provides drivers for a variety of page description languages and operating systems.


Do not load the paper above the fill line indicated on the tray. To select the tray for copying special paper: Ordering Supplies When to Order Supplies The control panel displays a warning when the supply nears its replacement time.

After the Xerox Installer launches, follow the prompts for installation. Squeeze the green tab on the length guide, and then slide the tray until the arrow lines up with the appropriate paper size.

Fax Setup Fax Setup Fax Setup Before faxing, you need only to ensure that the telephone line is plugged in, and set a country code and telephone number for the printer. Faxing This chapter includes: Select IP Printing from the pull-down menu. Groups can include both individual and group entries once they have been set up.

Verify that the fax parameters have been set correctly. Managing Fax Functions Printing Fax Reports Several fax reports are available to provide information about faxing activities, directories, and pending jobs.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER FOR HP DESKJET J6480


Description High performance,Easy to Use, full colour, network ready 4-in-1 for small to medium workgroups. Page of Go. Page Index managing, options moving, Macintosh, options, selecting,parts of scanner, Windows, problems, Output Options tab, rear view of, Paper Quality tab, recycling, posters, registration, safety guidelines, setting the IP address, secure faxes, supplies, Control Panel Information Pages Your printer comes with a set of information pages to help you obtain the best results from your printer.

To import scanned images into an application: Solving Fax Problems Solving Fax Problems If the fax cannot be sent correctly, refer to the following table, and then perform the indicated operation.

On the control panel, press the System button, select Information Pagesand then press the OK button. Scanning Scanning This chapter includes: Push up the button and open the front cover. Page Index default settings, electrical safety, copy, e-mail fax, commands for, scan, enabling delay sending a fax, options, DHCP enabling AutoIP on the printer, enabled by default, enabling DHCP on the printer, enabling on the control panel, envelopes, enabling with CentreWare IS,

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