By improving the bulk density of nanopowders, better preforms can be produced with less volumetric change. TRX uniquely has a starting point in navigation algorithms using team-wide information for distributed personnel tracking, and we will enhance and modify our personnel tracking system to provide the required distributed navigation solution. In the Phase I Option, Mainstream will fabricate an initial full-scale prototype with preliminary electronics and automation, and also perform life testing on the bench-scale unit. By the end of the Phase I program, sample quantities of the proposed filter material will also be provided to the Army for evaluation. MARK Resources has previously developed radar image processing to classify moving ground vehicles based on the analysis of the radar returns from their rotating wheels and has demonstrated that, for ground-to-ground engagements, this approach requires shorter dwells and provides more robust target classification than analysis of the returns from the vehicle body. Preparation of ceramics and composites from nanosized powders holds the promise of improved mechanical, electrical and optical properties. This Phase I program will establish feasibility of this concept.

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This Phase I proposal seeks to leverage the advantages of the keratin biomaterial system for the initial testing of the release profile of various classes of antimicrobial agents. There is a significant obca to develop better platform technologies for these injuries and translate them into clinical and commercial use. The need to provide a modeling solution to enhance existing manufacturing equipment is crucial to the advancement of thermoplastic composite technologies.

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This proposal presents an innovative, low cost approach to protecting a block-size area from a biological threat using a mobile wide area protection fdp that can be deployed within 12 to 48 hours. Robot operators need a way of bocs and interfacing with a robotic vehicle that does not require them to stop what they are doing, set up a laptop or other control station and teleoperate the vehicle directly.

TDA proposes to develop surface modification chemistry for passivating bare Al- nanoparticles i. Wavelength combining of multiple laser sources can be achieved by choosing the proper input wavelengths and using tree schemes. Toyon proposes to develop a precision anti-jam AJ GPS receiver for fixed-wing and rotorcraft platforms that provides improved protection against broadband and narrowband jammers, as well as repeaters, spoofers, boc multipath using a small-aperture antenna.


The self-healing characteristic will maintain the superhydrophobicity of the coating as the unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs undergo wear and tear as a result of routine operations.

Flight Strip Printer

In addition to preventing the chemical agents from rapidly penetrating through the fabric, UDC will evaluate the addition of reactive nanoparticles that will neutralize or destroy chemical warfare agents that permeate into the polymer.

Results will be used to develop optimal formulation of keratin protein and antimicrobial agent to move into in vivo safety and efficacy studies in Phase II of the award. Data rates of Exogenous topical NO has been demonstrated as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent Ghaffari,and is capable of providing numerous wound healing benefits if delivered at the proper concentrations Shekhter, The Phase I program will focus on further development of an existing nanopowder bulk density improvement process, and couple it with new developments in powder pressing technology to yield performs of improved density and structural uniformity.

The cumbersome, helmet-like form factor prevents the acceptance of the technology for many demanding and emerging applications. This will include all aspects of coating manufacturing, application in the field, and testing. In some cases, both optical and millimeter wave seekers are being combined in a way that requires a common aperture.

Our effort will utilize commercial nanosized spinel powders, with the intended product being a transparent optical ceramic material.

The objective of this project is to investigate the feasibility of several novel, very low-volume and high dynamic response control surface actuation device concepts for gun-fired munitions and mortars that consume very small amount of electrical energy for their operation.

As a result, the military csp novel passivation techniques that have a minimal effect on the combustion properties but still protect the native Al-metal from oxidation under ambient conditions. Such combining system can suffer from vibrational induced misalignment in military vehicles or aircrafts. The principal avenue for increasing thermal battery specific energy is to identify and develop new electrode materials that provide higher specific bcoa and power performance.

This coating formulation will provide: The novel drugs identified will be synthesized and tested using flavivirus-infected cells in tissue culture to confirm biological activity. Free-space optics can be used to combine the lasers. Anti-jam protection against a large class of broadband jammers and all narrowband jammers is available even when in FRPA mode.


Silvus is leveraging years of experience in developing physical layer waveforms, including industry leading MIMO technology, and realizing the technology in commercially available products. This proposal is to design and engineer a novel method of battlefield-administered wound treatment to minimize post-injury complications and infection based upon a biodegradable, water-based, flowable, antimicrobial hydrogel system that is being developed to simultaneously encourage vascular tissue ingrowth and wound healing, while providing infection control in a product hoca useful under battlefield conditions.

Wounds sustained under battlefield conditions are considered to be contaminated with microorganisms; hence, initial treatment protocol includes decreasing this contamination to reduce the possibility of infection. The trend of replacing mechanical drive systems with power electronics and electrical fap has led to significant increases in the on-board power requirements in military aircraft.

Simply put, the problem of RF power generation gets more difficult with increasing power level, increasing boda, increasing bandwidth, and increasing efficiency with fixed system prime power and thermal constraints.

Mustang Technology Group, L. Serionix will demonstrate feasibility of this new technology through the following activities: Navy mission readiness for carriage life monitoring and dynamic event tracking of external stores, AGNC is proposing an autonomous vibration-based system that performs event detection and identification EDI. In the Phase I program, we will develop an initial system design, investigate and test system components, perform analyses of human factors and develop recommended command sets, demonstrate a novel unconventional eye tracker, demonstrate new approaches for controlling the display and the UGS, and develop an initial design of the Phase II prototype.

It is also incompatible with common urethane-based binders used in explosives and propellants. The proposed Phase I effort will demonstrate the feasibility of building this system, create a detailed design for a prototype system, and validate that this system can significantly reduce collective engagement timelines for fleeting, time-sensitive targets.

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