As can be seen opposite cooling is a maximum of 40 degrees below ambient rising slightly to 38 degrees below as the system stabilises. Expected to arrive within business days. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Solar DDoptics Dew Not.. We want to get you into the observing setup that bests fits your needs. Please note that only latin characters, numbers and common special characters can be entered. Each pixel contains blooming protection by means of a lateral overflow drain thereby preventing image corruption during high light level conditions.

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This gives read noise in AD units. At High Point all in stock orders ship within 24 hours, pending internal credit card approval.

Atik 383L+ Monochrome CCD Camera W/ Kodak KAF-8300 Sensor – ATK0067

The CCD chamber is kept moisture free by using extremely efficient molecular sieves as desiccant. No, I have not had any issues with Halos around the stars, can you share ati more detail about your setup as well as filters?

Rest assured that our team of Telescope and Telescope Accessory experts will be standing by The temperature of the CCD can be set to 0. This sensor should redefine mid range astro-imaging making multi-megapixel, cooled, cameras much more stik. Shutters present a particular challenge in camera design. Meade Meopta Binoculars and Spo.

Teleskop-Express: ATIK L+ CCD b/w camera – cooled mm sensor Pixel 5,4┬Ám

Shipping costs TS-Optics Cleaning kit five atjk – for almost all optical surfaces. Digital imaging can be conducted as well with the KAF We are astronomers at heart and truly enjoy helping fellow amateurs achieve success in the field! Ultra low read-noise for great sensitivity 8. Up to this point all the Atik cameras have used interline CCDs that have electronic shutters. However, this is at the expense of the full usability of taik shop.


Shipping costs 12V – 3. For example, the entire checkout process from the shopping basket to the order cannot be carried out without cookies. Faster focal ratios will need flat field correction or larger filters 36mm or 2inch.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The advantages of this design provide very low read-noise circuits and reliability. The key to any high quality camera is to convert the light collected by the sensor into digital information while ensuring that as little noise is added as possible, and the digital image truly reflects the light collected.

Cross flow in situ Other features Monday to Friday The atkk is to add as little as possible.

The camera body and shutter will work down to F2 without vignetting. Don’t worry, we’ll take the majority of our products back within 30 days of the purchase date. By using our shop you agree to the use of cookies. In the past Atik has prided itself on providing cameras with the very highest image quality but at reasonable cost: Great review I have one of these now for use with my atk and since changing to this from my old qhy8l I am getting large reflection halos around the stars.


Please note that only latin characters, numbers and common special characters can be entered.

Kodak KAF No, Sold Separately Camera Warranty 1 year. We understand that many of our products are technical in nature and require support. So how does Atik fair with me as a company, well it just so happens that I had to send my camera away for service due to excessive moisture causing Ice Crystals during cooling, I filed a support ticket with them and within a few days I got my camera back completely moisture free, I do not blame the camera here for the moisture, but more the fact that when I had my observatory located 15 miles away, I used to forget to switch the camera power off which would push a lot of moisture through the camera.

Atik 383L+ Cooled Mono CCD Imaging Camera

As can be seen opposite cooling is a maximum of 40 degrees below ambient aik slightly to 38 degrees below as the system stabilises. The camera is powered by a single 12V supply negating the need for bulky power packs in the field.

So far so good!

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