Note Resetting the tag to factory settings removes all messages from its memory! Note 7 Chapter 2. The tag has now been reset to factory settings. The TB tags are delivered with the battery charged to a storage charge, it is recom- mended to fully charge the battery, before activating the tags first time. Your use of the Ekahau software described in this user manual and its documentation are governed by the terms set forth in your license agreement. Disabled Profile 1 in motion for 8s Profile 2 in motion for 4s Profile 3 in motion for 2s Profile 4 in motion for 1s Motion Update Method Sets whether location updates are sent periodically during the motion or just when the motion starts and after the movement has ended.

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NEC Aterm Wireless Software Download

Tag Operation 22 Exposure to a strong permanent magnet may cause false Safety Switch alarms! The software automatically disables the channels not available for the area selected. Activating unnecessary channels will reduce the tag’s battery lifetime! The activation of the tags is explained in more details in chapter Installing Ekahau Activator T on page 5.

The list of the activated tags will appead on the area below. Technical specifications 5 Technical specifications 5.

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To ensure the tag battery is full, please put the tag in to a charger for 4 hours. Set Config A pre defined config can be selected and sent to tag s A list of available configs. The alarm duration can be set. The TB tags are delivered with the battery charged to a storage charge, it is recom- mended to fully charge lw54sc battery, before activating the tags first time.

Ekahau reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. After a charger is connected, the tag will automatically return to it’s normal function, maintaining last settings. The new firmware needs to be first uploaded in the configs page A list of available firmware updates uploaded in EPE.

These Expresscard Cardbus adapters are available via Addonics http: After successful activation, the tag MAC address appears on the activation window, showing Ok status. Person responsible for making this declaration: Tag activation is done using Ekahau Activator software that configures Ekahau T family tags wirelessly. These environment specific settings need to be applied before the tag can connect to the network and the EPE.

Note Resetting the tag to factory settings removes all messages from its memory! When it warms up to its normal temperaturemoisture can form inside, which may damage electronic circuit boards. If arerm location update is not succesful, the tag will retry until the succesful update. Tags that have been atefm, modified, repaired or tampered with by anyone other than Ekahau, 3. Initial Activation of the Tag 14 Figure 2. Repeat this for all the tags to be activated. Accident, fire, power failure, power surge, or other hazard.


I’m not saying your problem is the same Port number Chapter 3.

The LEDs indicate the scan success or failure similarly as in the scan activated by the wake up interval. Its moving parts can be damaged.

NEC Aterm Wireless Software Download | Wireless Drivers

If the tag is busy this may take even 20 seconds. Limited warranty 30 31 Chapter 8. Go to groups page to create groups. The contents of this document are provided “as is. Home Forums Library Links Bounties. Warning Only use Ekahau supported adapters for charging the tags. Blue button 3 Chapter 1.

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