Fedora 7 also tried today, also same problem. Topic settings Print view. After i flash RIVE with this bios i get intel Pretty much what this tells me is that the patch that I was provided just doesn’t fix the problem. I started with the already installed RST Re-Did the Windows Experience Index.

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Something weird with usb there is, because on all graphical installers I’ve tried Fedora, Mandriva etc. I downloaded the 64 bit driver floppy and I have unpacked but does not work. You can use this to check if your flash drive has any weird read errors: Only 8 hex code pairs have been changed. Is he not the defrag on Win8? ROM if your on the new bios structure I forced install latest Intel drivers If you did not click “Have Disk Button” during forced install then you not doing right. Thanks for the answer.

SATA & IDE HDD Drive Together | PCMech Community Forum

What am i doing wrong? It works for everyone else. Other than all this, does Device Manager list the two drives as working properly?

What he means by the double booked is that the sata controllers are also on the jmicron controller so they are on both controllers making them double booked. Most of the issues reported are with specific drives under Win7. This is NOT fixed in Edgy Knot 3, there also seems to be some sort of halt on the release of daily builds from before when Chuck submitted his fix – what a pain!


My hardware is following: Looks like I’ll be re-installing Windows I guess. I downloaded the latest JMicron driver, but that only made things worse PC didn’t recognize one of the drives at allso I did a system restore. The Toolbox will not work properly anyhow.

JMicron Problem?

From what Aus gathering, I may have to re-install XP and do a hands on install of the JMicron driver at some point in the installation process, but I don’t have a floppy drive to pull this move off. Hi guys, I can not understand a strange behavior after the installation of the new Bios starting from Bios mod.

The 6th USB stick I tried finally took! So without checking with the Hex method or HD Tach method, you would maybe notice a little bit of performance loss, or maybe not since most SSD’s now do have reasonable Garbage Collection on their own.

After I found the string. It is a live cd. I just downloaded Kubuntu 7.


I will also be updating the Rampage images to I’d like to thank Nodens myself for the effort,hard work and the hrs spend on getting us all to this point No it should work with any All the little details in-between are very, very cloudy for me. You will get the added bonus of better cable management and sticking with the native intel controller Regards Fernando My current System: GA P DS4 confirm also cd with daily build from On the bios I can see the IDE drive and set it as primary drive to boot on, but fails see error below.

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I’ll add this to the notes in the initital post: Fedora 7 also tried today, also same problem. You need to check the ASUS website for the correct. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering” Yeah Right!

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