The short version of the story is that AMD pulled their 10 core variant of Abi Dhabi from the roadmaps and put in an 8-core version. Processors based on the AMD K10 microarchitecture codenamed Barcelona were announced on September 10, , featuring a new quad-core configuration. Opteron is AMD ‘s x86 former server and workstation processor line, and was the first processor which supported the AMD64 instruction set architecture known generically as x Some unnecessary instruction decode hint data writes to the L2 that were present in Bulldozer have been removed in Piledriver. Well, this is what you get.

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Windows 8 supports CMT-based CPUs out of the box by addressing each core as logical cores and modules as physical cores.

The new Opteron 6300: Finally Tested!

The results please Update 4pm: Here is the full specs in handy table form. Codenamed Santa Ana, rev. Because motherboard costs increase dramatically as the number of CPU sockets increase, multicore Dhabbi enable a multiprocessing system to be built at lower cost. Second-generation Opterons are offered in three series: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This page was last edited on pkledriver Decemberat This effectively doubled the computing performance available to each motherboard processor socket. Piledriver also comes with a few small improvements in the branch prediction unit. That is so far away from being competitive that it is absurd. Main functional blocks of the high performance Vishera FX desktop line [54]. By non-core performance measures AMD was way behind and with Abu Dhabi there is literally nothing new on this chip, nothing.


Piledriver (microarchitecture) – Wikipedia

Retrieved 23 March AMD released Socket Opterons, reducing the cost of motherboards for low-end servers and workstations. Also, some xmd sent to the L2 that would get canceled in Bulldozer are prevented from being sent to the L2 at all in Piledriver. Username or Email Address. They were first released in January Early x86 bit Am Xbu means that the Opteron is still not able to fully leverage the deeply pipelined, high clockspeed architecture: Charlie is also a council member with Gerson Lehman Group.

A software verification tool for identifying the AMD Opteron processors listed in the above table that may be affected under these specific conditions is available, only to AMD OEM partners. Views Read Piledrivdr View history. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

AMD Launches Opteron series with “Piledriver” cores

The first digit refers to the number of CPUs in the target machine:. Retrieved October 19, In a variety of computing benchmarks, the Opteron architecture has demonstrated better multi-processor scaling than the Intel Xeon [1] which didn’t have a point to point system until QPI and integrated memory controllers with the Nehalem design.


This later generation of Bulldozer core was codenamed Piledriver. We did an in depth analysis of the Bulldozer core and we came to the conclusion that there are three primary weak spots that resulted in the underwhelming performance of the Bulldozer core:.

Physically the socket and processor package are nearly identical, although not generally compatible with socket FX. Several supercomputers using only Opteron processors were ranked in the top 10 systems between andnotably:. They are cheap to buy but not cheap to run on a TCO basis. One socket could then deliver the performance of two processors, two sockets could deliver the performance of four processors, and so on.

Early x86 bit Am Therefore, two of these would actually be four CPUs and would be a direct competitor at least in terms of class to four Es.

OK we got this wrong. Then you look at what the graph title is, and you realize that it is performance per dollar.

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