Any app that installs numerous services onto your system compared to similar products with similar functionality is suspect. See Softpanorama Malware Defense Strategy. In one case I backed up approximately GB information from the drive, image was approximately GB in size and the resulting restored files on the partition were around GB or so. Even if it is, particularly if the disc is initialized as MBR, Acronis should have no problem. I haven’t done enough testing to know if that is the case. To avoid “blue screen” death traps, any cleanup MUST be done in the following order: I admit, though, every image I ever took with it worked fine.

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I would definitely recommend the or versions since some annoying bugs crept in during the interval therein, and definitely the latter if you have a UEFI BIOS because filetr versions wouldn’t support it without the comparatively costly.

I agree wholeheartedly with your message.

Creation, testing, beta testing and release. I wonder if the unallocated space on the drive could have something to do with the issue?

Beware of Acronis “Leftovers” Issues

Where I completely agree with you is the point that the program should pay more attention to recovery tr bad images. There appears to be no way to verify an archive from the recovery disk UNLESS you do it as the step preceeding a recovery. You may determine if the Acronis Loader will boot a system by testing the Linux default Recovery Media.

I wholeheartedly agree with you. I created a folder on the desktop called “Acronis test folder” and then restarted the system.


46475: Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting Try&Decide Issues

Collect those only by request of Acronis Customer Central representative. Please let me know if you have additional questions. But those who migrates to Windows 7 from Windows Recide always have XP system available so this is less of a problem that one might expect. Like in Ghost you can view and restore selected files.

Techguy’s assessment contains a very fipter point about the dismal ability of cope with errors in Declde images. The way to diminish risk is to use a RAID enclosure with two or four drives and multiple partitions and directly copy you harddrive to one of those partitions With Acronis then all or by second level directories separately periodically the later can be scheduled with xcopy which is a system utility that comes with MS Windowsso that you are less dependent of proprietary nature of Acronis backup in case of restore.

As Acrnis don’t use complex operations with Acronis often I forgot about those bitter lessons and am punished by the my own stupidity and the stupidity of Acronis designers again and again.

But I have to have faith in the fact that the engineers at Acronis are looking at ALL of the issues we are discussing, that is what software is all about. Decixe its frustrating to be beaten by technology so I’m still trying to get to the bottom of this problem.

For example you can create image of your C drive and then restore C: It should properly called “wipe out” No pun intended, but your configuration is pretty “Basic”. Actually file restore capability in Acronis is completely redundant due to this amazing feature and actually implemented badly in comparison even with Windows File Explorer you can’t open the image in other, better, file managers such as FAR or Total Commander. If you are using Windows With this setup, I can recover a GB drive image compressed to about 73 GB by Acronis in its default setting in about 5 minutes, and that is absolutely by the filtre When you Restore, even if you start the process from Windows, you obviously have to reboot and then the restore mode takes over when the computer recycles, and the restoration process occurs with Linux drivers.


There is NO excuse for not uninstalling your product completely.

Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting Try&Decide Issues | Knowledge Base

In this case this is his ability to accumulate huge amount of data. Likewise, booting from the Acronis CD to make a “cold back-up” or, really, a “cold clone,” I guess makes sense. They instructed me to try Acronisbut that led to the same bad result.

As for the correct way it depends on your equipment, your data and on your level of qualification. Now looking for a replacement battery.

In a way, they get what they deserve. For example, one cool feature that’s hard to find in most backup program is something you might term ‘version management’. They get upset with a Win 8 partition on the system GPT? Each additional 10G filtwr approximately an hour to backup and restore.

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