The touchpad is built by Synaptics, and through the drivers, you can configure many settings, including a virtual side and virtual scroll area. Battery life Battery life of the TravelMate is quite good, and the best way to describe is to simply give you the numbers. Design The TravelMate is designed just like the many other laptops Acer produces. The laptop has been praised for its ruggedness, but faulted for its poor visual appeal. All of these numbers are while the laptop is in use, either typing on MS Word or surfing the net if connected. Some models in the series include a webcam.

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Acer travelmate wlmi Contact Info Website: Keyboard and touchpad view view larger image The touch pad feel quite nice: My laptop came with no dead pixels. To the left acer travelmate 4072wlmi the launch buttons are 3 status LEDs. This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat Battery life Battery life of the TravelMate is quite good, and the best way to describe is to simply give you the acer travelmate 4072wlmi.

How did I find this out, you ask?

The screen turns on when the panel is raised about 20 degrees up and can open to about degrees. The system comes formatted with 3 partitions: Best way to describe it travelmtae by giving you the numbers.


Moving inward acer travelmate 4072wlmi the left, you have a blocked of infrared port.

I also went through 3 of the laptops due to quality issues, as discussed in the build quality section. The hinges are surrounded by plastic. Storage See all Storage 2.

Acer TravelMate – Wikipedia

They are globally recognized suppliers of electronic components and manufacture products, ranging from laptop internal cables, keyboards, optical acer travelmate 4072wlmi to motherboards, hard drives and LCD acer travelmate 4072wlmi. The TravelMate is designed just like travelate many other laptops Acer produces. We can only lower the multiplier, so initially I left it at the stock 16x. Depending on the acwr, the TravelMate series’ standard features may include an Ethernet adapter, a Wireless Ethernet adapter, one or more PC Card slots.

Acer TravelMate 4011WLCi Review (pics, specs)

The left and right mouse buttons are pretty standard as well, and they produce a noticeable click when pressed. Finally, we end on a single USB 2. Further left, we have 2 LEDs. Screen and Speakers Acer travelmate 4072wlmi screen trxvelmate a Screen displaying color view larger image. Ordering from us is easy.

It featured an Intel Centrino duo chip set consisting of. Acer travelmate 4072wlmi convincing Circuit City to give me another one, I noticed something pleasantly odd about the third one. The left is to toggle the power of the Bluetooth chip, which does not exist in the laptop.


Acer TravelMate WLMi Specs – CNET

Above and to the left of the keyboard is the onboard microphone, which works well. Along with power acer travelmate 4072wlmi settings, you have all the system information you would want, along with all acer travelmate wlmi BIOS options readily available to 4072wlmmi and alter in Windows.

Launch buttons on the top right acer travelmate 4072wlmi of the keyboard area view larger image. The black area above the keyboard in line with the launch buttons flexes down quite a bit with some pressure. It is quite annoying. There is no actual IR Receiver, but the cutout is there. The hard drive is only RPM with 2MB cache, and it really degrades the overall system performance, and it is quite clear from my tests that it is the limiting factor in boot and application load times.

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Intel Pentium M 1.

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